Toilets repairs and new installations.

A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems and one that is normally easy for an experienced plumber to diagnose and repair. Some common causes of a clogged toilet include facial tissue or any product that wasn't designed to disintegrate like toilet paper. If your bathroom sink, tub or showers drain well, the trouble is probably a clog in the toilet trap. If your sink or other fixtures drain slowly, but are not visibly clogged, you may have a clogged or blocked sewer line. A plumber can diagnose and repair this problem.

Rebuilding or repairing a toilet can include quite a few items in the tank like the handle, flapper and the fill and flush valve. These repairs can be easily done, but most repair parts are universal and might not work correctly for your specific toilet. In that case, your toilet cannot properly be repaired, and a new toilet is your best option.

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