Sundial now proudly offers ENDURE Drain Line Septic System & Grease Trap Maintainer!


ENDURE is Non-Toxic, Non-Acid, and Non-Polluting - the Green Choice - safe for people, pets, plumbing, and the planet!

What is ENDURE? 

ENDURE contains a powerful combination of all natural bacteria strains. The bacteria strains in ENDURE vigorously consume fats, oils, and grease in any plumbing system. 

What does ENDURE do? 

ENDURE creates free flowing drains, eliminates foul odors, destroys drain fly colonies and reduces grease trap pumping. 

How does ENDURE work? 

In every recommended dose of ENDURE, billions of natural bacteria "wake up" to feed on dead organic waste in grease food particles, soap, scum, paper and bio-material. The colony will multiply, leaving a "bio-film" in every inch of the plumbing system.

The Results? 

When properly applied, ENDURE maintains free flowing drains, eliminates fould odors, destroys drain fly colonies, restores drain fields and reduces grease trap pumping

Residential Applications

ENDURE is applied to tub drains, toilet drains, lavatory drains, and sink drains. 

  1. Treat each drain in your residence with four (4) ounces of ENDURE.
  2. Repeat dosage every two (2) months.
  3. After two (2) months, repeat dosage every four (4) weeks to help maintain free flowing drains.

Septic Applications

ENDURE can be used in tank, clean out, or D-Boxes. 

  1. Pour one (1) bottle of ENDURE into the tank, clean out or D-box.
  2. Treat kitchen and shower drains with four (4) ounces of ENDURE every four (4) weeks.

*A double dosage is recommended for large septic systems.

Ineffective Applications

ENDURE is most effective as a regular maintenance tool to prevent clogging and has not been found to unclog pipes.

Commercial Applications

ENDURE can be used to treat side drains as well as purchased in a five (5) gallon pail pump for use under 3 Compartment Sinks.

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