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What It Means to Have a Decent Toilet – USA

The exhibition My Toilet: Global stories from women and girls, reflects on the dignity afforded by private access to a toilet.  It quite literally depicts women with their toilets, which range from large, expensive bathrooms to holes dug in the ground.

In the developing world there are many risks associated with poor sanitation. “Women and girls often wait until dark to find a place outside to defecate, which puts them at risk of harassment and sexual assault,” according to Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor, which collaborated with Panos Pictures to create the exhibition.

“For this reason, many women and girls try to limit how often they go to the toilet, increasing the likelihood of urine infections, constipation or mental stress.”

usaMary, a writer in New York lives with two housemates and says it’s important to schedule bathroom times and take turns cleaning it. “I used to live in Beijing, where I had to use a public bathroom as my apartment didn’t have a private toilet,” she says. “While it was safe and relatively clean, I used to hate putting my coat on just to go to bathroom in the middle of night during winter. That experience made me really appreciate the privacy and comfort of having a clean toilet at home.”


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