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Sundial Plumbing President Meets with Governor Nathan Deal

Governor Nathan Deal

Finally! An end to the phone calls, emails and end-less television ads.  There was little change on Georgia’s political landscape, as election results mirrored those of 2010.  Nathan Deal’s margin of victory over Jason Carter was almost identical to his margin over Roy Barnes in the 2010 gubernatorial race; the makeup of the 2015-2016 General Assembly will be much like that of the last two years; and Republican incumbents in statewide elections held onto their seats.  Election Results Governor: Nathan Deal52.8% v Jason Carter 44.8% U.S. Senate: Perdue 52.9% v Michelle Nunn 45.2% Lieutenant Governor: Casey Cagle 58% v Connie Stokes Election 42% Secretary Of State: Brian Kemp 57.5% v Doreen Carter 42.5% Attorney General: Samuel Olens 57% v Greg Hecht 43% Commissioner Of Agriculture: Gary Black 58.3% v Christopher Irvin 41.7% Commissioner Of Insurance: Ralph Hudgens 54.9% v Liz Johnson 41.7% State School Superintendent: Richard Woods 55.2% v Valarie Wilson 44.8% Commissioner Of Labor: J.  Mark Butler 57% v Robbin Shipp 43% In the Georgia Senate…Republicans will have 39 seats in the Senate when the General Assembly convenes January 8, compared with 37at the start of the 2013 legislative session. That given the GOP a two-thirds majority in the 56-member Senate.  Only fourteen Senate seats were in play for the general election, and Republicans won eleven of them. The only successful

Democrats were incumbents Donzella James and Vincent Fort, and newcomer Elena Parent running for the open seat in District 42.  All of the Republican candidates won with more than 60% of the vote, and seven of them had more than 70% of the vote. Senate Natural Resources Chairman Ross Tolleson garnered 70% of the vote against Chad Rahman, Fran Millar beat Tamara Johnson with 62% of the vote, and Bill Heath took 73% of the vote in beating Charles Winter.

And in the House of Representatives…Republicans will have 118 seats in the House, compared with 117 at the start of the 2013 session.
That leaves the GOP just two votes short of a two-thirds majority in the 180 member House, but Independent Rusty Kidd often votes with the Republicans.  Perhaps the biggest surprise among the House races was the margin of victory for incumbent Republican Gerald Greene in District 151. He took 55% of the vote in a race that many thought he would lose after switching parties.  In District 138, incumbent Republican Mike Cheokas won with 52% ofthe vote in a race that some observers thought he might lose.  While Georgia remains red state on the national front, republicans picked up seats in the Senate, House, Governorships and state legislatures. More importantly, PHCC members need to know that PHCC National works with all lawmakers to advance the small business agenda no matter what political party a lawmaker belongs to or who is in control of Congress. This election cycle the PHCC-PAC contributed to 44 campaigns (39 wins 4 losses-1 TBD, the Senate race in Louisiana). Start thinking about coming to Washington, D.C. in the Spring 2015 for the PHCC Legislative Conference.
This will be a great opportunity to meet the new freshman class of the 114th Congress, as well as maintain existing relationships on Capitol Hill.  Save the Date – PMA Joint Legislative Reception Wednesday, January 14th, 2015.  If you have concerns and or comments about legislation contact PMA Legislative Chair Mitzi Moore at 770-427-1998, or contact Ellen Whitaker at 678-947-3473. PMA Lobbyists Poole & Dunn provided the election recap.
Direct Source:  Georgia Plumbing News

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