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Sundial Launches New Division Sundial Products

Sundial Products Logo

Marietta, GA – Sundial Plumbing has officially launched a new division, Sundial Products! This division will exhibit the same award-winning customer service while allowing our customers to purchase Sundial researched and approved products.

As a seasoned plumbing company with licensed plumbers, we have seen many plumbing products on the market that simply do not work. Sundial has decided to offer direct sale to our customers so that you can purchase products that are “Sundial approved”, meaning we have tested, used, and implemented the products ourselves first.


Currently, Sundial Products offers one item, ENDURE Drain Line Septic System and Grease Trap Maintainer. We are very excited to offer this exceptional product to our customers. ENDURE is a non-toxic, non-polluting, and non-acid drain line cleaner. ENDURE creates free flowing drains, eliminates foul odors, destroys drain fly colonies and reduces grease trap pumping. ENDURE consumes fats, oils, and grease in any plumbing system by sending a powerful combination of all natural bacteria strains to feed on dead organic waste, such as soap scum, in your plumbing system. The result is a free flowing drain without the use or presence of harsh chemicals! The picture below shows a drain pipe before and after the application of ENDURE.


We are excited to offer this valuable service to our customers. Stay tuned for more products!

For more information and to order your ENDURE Drain Line Septic System and Grease Trap Maintainer, click here.


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