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Sundial Fixes Fire Main Break

Last week Sundial Plumbing received an emergency service call indicating the presence of a large amount of gushing water in a parking lot. Upon arrival of Sundial Team member Chris Overstreet, Overstreet quickly determined the culprit of the gushing water was a fire main break. The 8-inch PVC fire main had broken as a result of aging. Overstreet, along with Sundial’s utility contractor, Advance Trenching Solutions, dug underneath the parking lot to repair the broken line. Great job Sundial Team member Chris Overstreet!

TIP: If you find yourself near a “river” of gushing water that appears abnormal, call local authorities or Sundial Plumbing and most importantly stay away. Broken water lines of any sort can cause very dangerous ground conditions as water washes away the earth under concrete, weakening ground support.

fire main break repaired

Post-Excavation Repaired Fire Main

fire main break

Sundial Arrives on the Scene of the “Gushing Water”

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