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Save Money on Utility Bills with Rheem EcoNet-enabled Water Heaters

Rheem EcoNetOne of the brands Sundial Plumbing carries, Rheem, has designed a smart home system to help conserve energy and save on the costs of heating water. Around 65% of a home’s energy use is occupied by heating, cooling, as well as water heating systems, causing typically high utility bills. Rheem’s answer to these high energy costs is EcoNet.

EcoNet allows home owners to control their heating, cooling, and water heating systems like never before. EcoNet is a smart home system that allows users to control the synced devices through technology.¬†Users can turn their system to “away” when out of town, as well as other personalized modes, turning the water heater and/or heating and cooling system on an energy efficient mode saving money by saving energy. Rheem expands its “EcoNet-enabled” devices to include Rheem’s electric and hybrid heat-pump water heaters.

EcoNet products are controlled through an installed wall control panel, free Rheem app or, most recently, through Nest. Rheem Econet is available in certain Rheem electric and hybrid heat-pump water heaters. Rheem plans to expand the EcoNet  product line to include their gas water heaters in 2016.

For more information visit Rheem EcoNet or contact a Sundial representative. We’d be happy to discuss saving money with you!

Source: PHC News

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