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New Sundial Safety Cone Feature

Sundial trucks are soon going to have a new addition to their safety features – front and rear cone placements. Sundial will place orange safety cones on the front and rear of each vehicle when parked in order to increase visibility and indicate the vehicle area is a work zone. When not in use, the cones will be affixed to the front of the vehicles by Sundial-made hardware.

The cones will increase workplace safety in two ways. First,
the cones will warn drivers of a work zone and the possibility of Sundial Team members entering and exiting the area. Second, the act of putting the cones away at the completion of a job with allow Sundial Team members the opportunity to walk around their truck before leaving in order to increase awareness and decrease the potential for collisions with unforeseen obstacles.

New Sundial Safety Cone PlacementSundial Team member, DeWayne Stansell, manufactured the hardware himself in the spirit of saving resources. We are very excited about this new safety addition, thank you for your hard work DeWayne!


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