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Meet Chemist John Carroll behind ENDURE

The Sundial Team hosted guest speaker John Carroll of American Formula at last week’s team meeting. Carroll is the chemist behind Sundial Product’s first offering, ENDURE Drain Line Septic System and Grease Trap Maintainer.


John Carroll with American Formula speaks at the weekly Sundial Team meeting

Carroll engaged the Sundial Team in a mutual passion for his product by explaining its origins. Carroll decided to go into chemistry “to impact the world” after seeing the negative effects of non-Eco-friendly products on the environment. At first, Carroll did not see himself creating a drain cleaner. That changed when Carroll started to investigate the products being sold to consumers as drain cleaners. He was shocked to the point of action. Carroll set out to create a modified drain cleaner that would be Eco-friendly, clean, green, and non-acid – and he achieved his just that when he created ENDURE with American Formula.

ENDURE is safe for the environment and even your children and pets. Unlike other cleaners, there is no “skull and crossbones” warning label on this bottle. While your children should still not drink the product, they would not become gravely ill if they happened to (just a little upset tummy). Along with the expectation-shattering non-acid formula, ENDURE also works. That’s right, it actually works. The live bacteria in the formula eats fats, grease, and oil to “power wash” your lines. Carroll’s exceptional product is the first and only product offered by Sundial Plumbing’s new division, Sundial Products.

Thank you John Carroll for making plumbing more safe and creating an extraordinary product that Sundial Products is proud to offer!

For more information about ENDURE Drain Line Septic System and Grease Trap Maintainer and to order yours today, click here.

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