Business Code of Ethics

Business Code of Ethics: This code of ethics provides a guide for our conduct.

Sundial’s vision is that of a better world, where every person has accessible, beneficial, and safe plumbing.
Sundial’s mission is to provide the best professional health maintenance service, with the best products, at the best price, with the best customer service.
Sundial’s goal is to create unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Why- Affirming and defining our principles provides a consistent road map that will ensure fairness and equality for any situation.
  • Purpose-We believe our work is critical, meaningful and relevant for society to flourish. Our code of ethics will complement our mission statement, philosophies, vision and will be essential to our everyday decisions and practices.
  • Respect- We recognize the values and freedom of all individuals, their abilities, contributions and merit and all people will be treated with respect and dignity. Our definition of “respect for our clients” includes respect of their time, resources and property. Our clients will only be obligated for work that has been documented, submitted and approved up front in writing.
  • Health- Through the craft and expertise of plumbing, using our technical knowledge and skill, we will diagnose and identify needed, beneficial products and services with emphasis on health and safety above all other considerations. While we perform our work, we will strive to always keep water and sewer services available for clients at all times.
  • Highest Ethical Standards- We will practice the core values of truth, openness, trust and integrity that is beyond reproach. We will refrain from inappropriate language or speaking ill of others including clients, coworkers, competitors, vendors or suppliers.
  • Unparalleled Service Excellence– Every customer will receive unparalleled satisfaction and services delivered with genuine care and enthusiasm. We will practice good manners and cleanliness on our job sites. We will care for our equipment, our shop and our personal appearance. We will polish our shoes, be neatly shaven and be professional in our attitude, appearance and practice.
  • Accountability– Focusing on follow through until job completion, taking initiative to get tasks accomplished, and full acceptance of personal responsibility rather than “passing the buck” will be our standard operating procedure.
  • Priorities- We practice the 3 legged table philosophy in our activities, which says, we strive for fairness. If the table tilts, our clear priority is the:
    1. Customer first
    2. Employee second
    3. Company third

This is the only acceptable criteria for our decision making. Additionally, any warranty call takes dispatch priority over new work. We utilize a one hour priority procedure for any client concerns.

  • Safety- We constantly evaluate all work for safety, cleanliness & industry-wide best practices and standards, including a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy. We have a work place environment where all individuals, both young and old, are valued, welcome and safe.
  • Compliance- We will courageously comply with this Business Code of Ethics and all policies of Sundial and with all applicable laws, regulations and provisions related to our profession. This declaration includes our commitment to exceed many required regulations thereby perpetuating the high standards and spirit of Sundial.
  • Stewardship- We are committed to offer products and services that provide long term value and promote sustainability. Our recommendations for customers will always take into account safety first; next all applicable codes, then the considerations of our customers’ comfort, cost, and other requests. We will never compromise safety.
  • Work Force Development- We will develop our work force with education, direction, guidance, inspiration, purpose, training and vision. We envision with great anticipation a future of unlimited possibilities for our entire workforce. We will never tolerate and will immediately report any discrimination or harassment. Sundial promotes acceptance, diversity, inclusion, transparency and understanding in all operations.
  • Confidentiality- We respect and protect the personal freedom, privacy and privileged information to which we may access in the course of our business operations related to all clients and employees. We will not disclose, and we will protect intellectual information regarding Sundial procedures, methods, strategies, plans, projects, technical or market data, personnel and client information. We do not participate in selling client’s data.
  • Availability- We will cheerfully make ourselves available for work when our clients require that work be done. We pledge that when anyone calls, they will speak to a “live” person. Furthermore, all phone calls, e-mails and bids will be responded to by the following business day.
  • Loyalty- In all activities, we support, respect and represent the Sundial Team and will never use the Sundial name or resources for personal gain. We do not accept tips, personal gifts, bribes or any incentives in order to promote client or employee selection.
  • Reverence- We have reverence for faith and core values as shown through the development, commitment and implementation of this Business Code of Ethics. We believe we are under a moral obligation to always transact business in such a way that will make the world a better place.
  • Engagement– We will report promptly any and all violations of this code. We vow never to be perpetrators, victims or bystanders in any unethical or unwholesome activity or conversation.
  • Commitment- We believe our business should make a valuable contribution to others.We will reinvest in our business, community, environment and workforce. We are 100% committed to water conservation through and The Clean Air Campaign’s No Idle Zone Promise.

We believe our small business makes a difference and will strengthen our community.

Never doubt the Power of our small, committed and considerate group to change the world one customer at a time.

History has proven repeatedly that the most significant changes started this way.












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